Who Is Trinity
Manor Suites

Dedicated to helping local seniors continue living an active and fulfilling life during their retirement years.

Enter our Trinity Manor Suites home and you begin to understand what makes us unique. It sparkles with life and joy: it's a place one really can call home.

Trinity Manor Suites is located in a quiet, mature neighborhood in Gallatin. Residents are encouraged to maintain as much independence as is safely possible. We recognize the uniqueness of each individual and the need to serve with patience and understanding. Our mission is to offer excellence in the provision of housing, nutrition and nurture of body, mind, and spirit for our residents.

Trinity Manor can accept residents with mild dementia. There is no designated dementia program. A resident can remain at the Trinity Manor Suites for as long as he or she is able to remain self-directing and is not in need of constant supervision and is not a safety risk to himself or herself.

Respite Care: Ideal for those who need temporary care.

Whether it’s a change in family circumstances, the need to recover from illness or injury, or a situation where a regular caregiver is ill or temporarily unavailable, there are times when a loved one can benefit from Respite Care at Trinity Manor Suites.

Available on a short-term basis (from two to eight weeks), Respite Care offers the same loving care, professional expertise, and the warm, healthy home environment our regular residents benefit from on a daily basis. Please contact us to discuss respite care, and to see the difference Trinity Manor Suites can make for the entire family.

Meet The Trinity Staff

Andrea McGuire

Andrea is the Owner/Administrator of Trinity Manor Suites, LP. It was the personal experience of elder care for her parents over a seven year period that ignited a passion to seek and fulfill the need for a more attentive living arrangement that sets itself apart from what is available for long-term care living. Andrea is dedicated to providing a personal, protective, care experience for seniors during their aging years of life. She worked hard to make that a reality for her parents and advised numerous friends and family on the right approach to what fits best for their loved ones. She has a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration since 1995 and holds an Assisted Care Living Facility Administrator license. Andrea has held various healthcare administration positions over the past 30 years in Clinical Research, a University Health Center, and a Physical/Occupational therapy clinic.

Caryn Crenshaw, RN, BSN

Caryn is a Registered Nurse with over 30 years of experience caring for seniors. As a Geriatric Nurse she has focused primarily in the area of Neuropsychiatry. Caryn has a unique understanding of not only illnesses that can affect older adults but also how those illnesses can affect families. In 2007, the American Parkinson Disease Association published an article written by Caryn entitled "Keys to Caregiving." Caryn is passionate about caring for seniors and will be working with the residents to achieve their optimal health.

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